The Universe Answers

Sometimes our pleas to the Universe are answered in ways that are not immediately recognized as answers. For me, many of my answers are found by paying attention to what I am observing in nature. This morning I am roused out of bed by a troupe of a dozen Black-billed Magpies, many, if not all, are fully fledged young-of-the-year. They are on the roofline of a house directly across from my bedroom window, squawking and strutting, showing off their newly acquired long tails. I am in the backyard sipping my first espresso when I see and hear several Black-capped Chickadees squabbling and chasing each other from tree to tree, shrub to shrub. They, too, include young-of-the-year, evidenced by their impeccable feathery tuxedoes, whereas the adults are looking a big unkempt from their nestling raising duties. 

The season for raising young is over and adult birds are now physically encouraging their offspring to find their own wings and be the birds they were born to be. Many youngsters still beg for food, but their pleas are summarily dismissed by their parents. 

It has been two-and-a-half years since my sweetheart, Jim, went on ahead. I have been seeking direction from the Universe as to where my new life is and how I should find it. In some obtuse way, the COVID pandemic has provided a way for the Universe to answer me. Having been forced to leave my beautiful apartment by the South Platte River and move in with family, the answer has become apparent. I am blessed to have been provided with a soft place to land, knowing that it is temporary. I packed my life into a storage unit, bringing with me only what I can fit in a bedroom. Rosehip Design resides in a spot in the basement. From this nest, I will grow my long tail feathers, sport my shiny new feathers, and fly off into a new life when conditions are favorable.

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