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Sir, more than kisses, letters mingle souls.         John Donne

Hello, and welcome to Rosehip Design. I am a watercolor artist. I’ve been painting since I was a girl, always drawn by the intimacy of observing nature close up. The landscapes and cityscapes surrounding us are so vast, so outside of us, that we can feel very, very small and insignificant. To me, it’s the smallness of each of the earth’s inhabitants that make it as vast, diverse and highly functioning as it is. Therefore, I don’t paint landscapes. Rather I paint intimate portraits of the birds, beasts and flowers that, all together, make this such a beautiful planet. My hope is that you will like the images so much, that you wish to share them by writing notes to those you love by ordering them from the web site, or purchasing them from one of the retailers listed on the right.

Although I was born in New York, the Rocky Mountain West has been my home for more than 50 years. My studies in ecology, botany and biology always included a sketch or a painting of the flora and fauna I encountered while in the field. Encouraged by friends to reproduce my paintings, I developed a line of notecards. The back of each card bears a brief essay describing the natural history of, or a personal experience with, the bird, beast or flower on the front. Cards are blank inside for your own inspired writing or drawing.

While dissecting and reading about the attributes of rose hips (the berry-like fruit left after the petals have fallen from a rose), I noticed how cute they looked all lined up in a row, so I painted them and they became the logo for Rosehip Design.

In 2016 I began producing the Nature Notes Desk Calendar – a small size that needs only a little place to perch – and it immediately became popular. Each month’s card is a different original painting. The 2017 calendar was also successful so the 2018 calendar is at the printer and will be ready to order by the end of August.

NEW THIS YEAR are Boxed Notes. Eight small-size cards in a box bound with a classy little black bow. There are currently three assortments: All Birds, No Birds, and a Mix of both.

It’s easy to order cards and calendars from this site, so please go shopping and stay in touch with your ideas and feedback. You can email me at rosehipdesignstudio@gmail.com.


Sharon E Guenther

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  1. victoria Treece

    Yes I would like to purchase a box of the mallard wing. I received your moose holiday card from a friend and I think it is exquisite!!!

    thanks, Victoria


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